Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Guest Blogger: Susan Lawrence, Pure Emotion Book Giveaway

I am so excited to introduce Susan Lawrence as a guest this week. Susan encourages women through writing and speaking and is blessing one of you with her hot-off-the-presses new Bible Study Pure Emotion. Here is a partial description of the study from her website: "If your emotions aren’t reflecting the character of God…well, you’re probably distorting something and need to get back on track. That’s what this journey is about. Growing closer to God, getting to know him better, and committing to reflecting him more and more on a daily basis." Keep reading for entry details.

Too Full for Dessert?

“If you’re too full to finish your supper, you’re too full for dessert.”

Don’t you know we have separate stomachs for different food groups? Oh, wait. Cows have separate stomachs. People have one. Well, it seems like we have different stomachs. We’re not hungry for one type of food but craving another.

After driving for half a day to celebrate Christmas with family, we sat at the table for a light lunch. There were several platters and bowls on the table: everything we need to make sandwiches and a couple types of chips. Simple but good. When we were done, all the dishes were cleared and a new smorgasbord was delivered to the table. Desserts – a half dozen kinds of cookies and several types of candies. The table was more crowded with desserts than with the main meal! Of course, we all groaned that we couldn’t possibly eat another bite, but we somehow mustered the strength and began to graze.

We were full, but desserts sounded good, looked good, and they were conveniently located right in front of us.

It’s easy to compartmentalize our lives…and rationalize doing it!

“I already donated at the office.”

“I’ve been doing so well, I deserve this.”

“I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings.”

If we take an honest look at our compartment complex, we’ll see the compartments we build aren’t even sturdy. We’re rarely rigid about our compartments. But we actually build temporary walls, so we can move them to fit whatever we want to rationalize. What we have to do in one situation is optional in another. Our stick-to-it-ness uses temporary glue, so we can move our commitments and convictions depending on convenience and situations.

What behaviors do you rationalize?

What discrepancies can you find in your responses to different people and situations?

What standard do you want to live by? What’s one constant you want to string through your life?

Tie a piece of string around your wrist. As you go through your day, let the string remind you of the constant standards you want to guide every decision and response in your life.

Guide me in your truth, and teach me, my God, my Savior. I trust you all day long. Psalm 25:5

Susan Lawrence is passionate about equipping and encouraging women through writing and speaking. She’s the author of two Bible studies, Pure Purpose and Pure Emotion. She loves dark chocolate and long walks, especially when her toes are in sand! Check out Susan’s words of encouragement and send her a note at http://purepurposebook.wordpress.com/. You can also connect at http://www.facebook.com/PurePurpose or www.twitter/susanhlawrence.

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Darlene Shortridge said...

Great post. Very relevant! I tweeted, facebooked, followed, subscribed and commented. Sounds like a wonderful Bible study. I will pass the info on to a study I take part in.

Barb Winters said...

Welcome Darlene! Thanks for joining us. You are the first one entered in the giveaway.

Andrea Stanley said...

Enjoyed this!!! Posted it on my fitness facebook and will be posting it to my personal facebook here in a few. I am also a subscriber to your blog. Thank you for sharing this!!!!

Diana said...

Timely post for me considering what I just posted on my Fight to Lose site...

(1 & @ I'll be doing and 4-7 all apply to me. xo)

Barb Winters said...

Thanks ladies!

I appreciate your support for Susan and the blog!