Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guest Blogger: Lisa Cowman

I met Lisa at a writer's conference and was elated to find out she is a pastor's wife and only lives 45 minutes away. I am especially excited to introduce Lisa on this site because she co-wrote a bible study entitled "Esther" and graciously accepted an invitation to teach a ladies study this summer. If you live within driving distance of Carthage, consider joining us on Saturday mornings beginning June 11th to hear from Lisa and the Lord. Yes, there will be coffee!  

LIE: The only way to celebrate is with food.

"It's payday girls. Let's celebrate!"

"Ooh...let's do TCBY's Yogwichs."

"No, I want McDonald's French Fries!"

"How about Starbucks, guys?"

We finally settle on Starbucks and sink down into the cozy corner chairs with our favorites.

"Yum, I love these," Meredith says, licking the whipped cream off the top of her Caramel Frappaccino."

"Oh no, these chocolate chunk cookies are the best!" Michaela says between mouthfuls.

"You're both wrong. The only way to go is Passionfruit Lemonade Tea," Madison said.

Why is it that it seems the only way to celebrate in the Cowman Household is with food? We love food! We love ice cream. We love pizza. We love coffees. Is there any other way to celebrate?

Hm...Logically speaking, there are lots of ways a family can celebrate. Even as I write this thoughts of Thanksgiving spreads flash before me, thoughts of our "Morning Christmas Casserole" and Christmas Eve Subs after our Christmas Eve service. Boy, it all involves FOOD!

Bu.u.t, but there really are lots of ways a family can celebrate - other ways. We love going to movies....BUTTERED POPCORN. We love taking walks on crisp fall or spring days...HOT CHOCOLATE with WHIPPED CREAM. We love lighting cinnamin candles, turning down the lights, playing quiet music and reading our favorite books...YES! NO FOOD!

Celebrations DON'T have to involve food!

The only way to celebrate is with food? That's a lie!

Lisa has spoken at numerous ladies' retreats and conferences and has co-authored a Bible study on Esther. She lives in Quincy, Illinois along with her pastor husband and four children. Her passion is to share with other ladies all of the joy and contentment that come from "real live faith". To read more about Lisa or to order her study, visit her website at http://reallivefaith.com/Home_Page.html and her blog at http://reallivefaith.blogspot.com/.


Susan Lawrence said...

What fun to see Barb's blog post featuring Lisa! I had no idea you two knew each other! I'm not sure what direction you are from Lisa, Barb, but I'm in central Illinois :-)

Thanks for your great post, Lisa!

Barb Winters said...


Small world. I'm north of Quincy, close to where IL, MO, and IA all come together. Gotta love Illinois and it's never-ending weather changes. ;-)

Thanks for chiming in.

Dawn said...

I'm so excited for you that Lisa will be sharing with you all this summer! She is such a blessing : )