Monday, August 9, 2010

Help Me Define "Food"

The scale is talking to me again. And I don’t like what it is saying. Not that I need to be a slave to it. But the digital numbers gradually changing (in an upward motion) are a good indicator that it is time to re-evaluate my life. More specifically my life choices and the motives behind them. It’s time to get back to truth.

So I’ve dusted off the notes I wrote five years ago on eating issues—all right, I didn’t blow dust off so much as print a new copy.

As I re-trace my steps, I want to invite you along.

What God showed me is that many eating issues go deeper than just making wrong choices. There are lies we believe that affect these choices. Lies we decide to believe. Rationalizations. Justifications. Validations. Excuses. Thought patterns. Things that Satan whispers in our ears until we don’t need him to whisper them anymore . . . because we believe them and tell them to ourselves.

It’s not my intention to discuss which diet is best or how many hours of exercise will counteract the effects of the piece of pie we just ate. I assume that you have studied the food pyramid and, to some degree, know what foods are good for you (fruit, veggies . . .) and what foods are bad for you (potato chips, candy . . .). Instead, I want to look at the purpose of food and how we have twisted that purpose by believing lies. I want to identify the lies so we can then replace them with truth.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to be a theologian. Nor do I make right choices consistently. I am a work in progress. I hesitated to start this blog for that very reason. What I will say is that I have struggled with food and food issues since I was a teenager. And I know several of you struggle also. So this is my attempt to get back on track and share this knowledge along the way.

Interactive Part: Before discussing lies, let's define “food” and its purpose. I will share my working definition, but I want to hear from you first. How do you define “food” and what is its purpose?


Julia said...

Barb, this is a great theme for a blog. Those of us whose health has forced us to take a second look at our eating habits - whether it's weight, diabetes, eating disorders or some other problem - can really benefit from this type of discussion. Looking forward to reading more!

Karen said...

Funny you should send me this blog, as I have also just recently been convicted of a necessity to take a deeper look at my eating habits. I hate diets! They only work for so long and then I am back to square one. I agree it's more of a heart issue. I would be interested to read more of your blog and what you have to share. What is food? It's the essential "building blocks" our body needs (and God created) we need to eat so as to be healthy and strong. God also provided food for enjoyment (which is where I tend to stumble!). I'm not thinking too deep on this subject, but that's enough of an answer from me. :-)

Connie - Honor God by Loving Him said...

We were creadted in His image. We are do do His work. To do His work we need to be healthy and strong to do that work. What we don't need is food that has been grown with injections of whatever or crossed with other plants/animals. I do believe His Word speaks of the types of food that is best for us. My husband has recently written for our local paper a couple articles concerning the corn crops. One using chemicals to speed the growing process and one the local Amish use. I'd definately go withe the Amish! I can't wait for more of your articles!

cbdorothy said...

I fight my weight daily. I weigh myself every morning. I love to run and exercise. As a family, we, I, try to maintain healthy eating. We are successful 85% of the time. At other times, we have the occasional ice cream or chips. Two of us cannot eat junk food due to a health issue, which is what started our "diet". In March, I ran my first half marathon, which was in itself a HUGE accomplishment for me. I will never forget though a heavy set girl in front of me with a sign on her back that read, "Future former fatty". My sign on my back, if I had one, would read "Daily struggles to keep the 100lbs off". My daily prayer is, please Dear GOD, help me through this day, help me to make good food choices. I am at this time training for my third half marathon, struggling with the 15lbs that I didn't have at this time last year. Thanks Barb, for knowing what I need. I am anxious to read more.

Janice said...

Barb, this is a great idea and a very worthwhile topic to discuss. Healthy eating habits are so important and it is very easy to lose focus. We must have a balance between the essentials our body needs and eating what we enjoy. I will share this blog with my friends and we will look forward to your postings.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty excited about this blog as well. Thanks for taking the mantle in this area. I find myself constatnly battling the flesh when it comes to food. The hard part is that when I do try to eat right I am seen as the wierd one. I suppose I am ok with that. I would love to see the church and God's people take a more proactive look at this topic. I suppoose your blog is part of that repsonse. Thanks. I look forward to seeing how this is used by God

Barb Sample said...
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