Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does Your View of God Need a New Coat of Paint?

We recently re-modeled our bathroom. As the ‘60s décor came down and the floors and walls were stripped, I wondered if my thoughts on God and who He is needed a make-over.

I have been looking at God and His word through a particular lens (my life experiences, how I met Him, and who He has been to me) for quite some time. I liken it to staring at that ‘60s décor for the past several years. I recognized my bathroom by those ridiculous square tiles and the drawer I could hardly budge. I had grown accustomed to reaching for my hairbrush in that spot and opening this cabinet for my mascara. 

I see my God as having particular traits and talking to me in a particular manner. Most of us do. Some of us see Him as loving and full of grace—others as just and righteous. The truth is, He is both and He portrays the characteristic we need at the time we need it.

After we removed the cabinets with the big knobs, the gray bathtub, and the decaying carpet, the foundation of the bathroom was the same. It still had the original walls, windows, and floors with which it started. God and His word are still the same, never-changing.

So . . . I want to strip away the tradition, the expected, my angle on how this relationship with God should work. I want to dig down until I find the foundation. I want to analyze my thoughts and my habits (yes, that includes eating!) to see if they line up with truth.

THEN I will build on that foundation by exploring all aspects of God and updating my thoughts on Who He is. I want to look at Him as I would a prism—turning it and peering at it from different angles to see what I’ve been missing and how I can re-furbish my thought process. I want to re-new my friendship and love relationship with God, learning more and more so I can aptly reflect Him.
 Does this apply to food and eating habits? Absolutely. I have taken the same approach to eating (or not eating) for years. Maybe my approach needs an update. We’ll see. I hope that as I renew my relationship with God, He will renew my relationship with food.