Friday, August 5, 2011

The God of Food by Mary DeMuth

I am honored to feature a blog post written by Mary DeMuth, well-known author and speaker. I admire Mary’s spirit, love for Jesus and gift of using words to tell stories. She summarizes a perfect viewpoint of food in her “closing thoughts.” Please, please take the time to read her entire post (you will need to follow the link), explore her website and consider reading one of her books.

I struggle with food, but not in a huge way. I’m not the type to raid the kitchen at night or run around like a crazy person to lose weight. But I’ve read a lot about nutrition, and I’m here to tell you, it’s tyranny.
Of course we should eat right. Absolutely. I garden for this purpose. And I typically don’t eat packaged, plastic food because I believe the state that God created food is probably the best state to eat it.
So I read another book about nutrition that tells me a certain food is a no-no (Does it even matter what it is?), and I practically threw my hands heavenward. “I give up,” I told the empty room.
Because one day a food is deemed a miracle, and the next day it’s diabolical.
In that moment, I heard a still voice, “I am the God of food,” He said. “Trust Me.”
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