Saturday, July 23, 2011

Confessions of a Junk Food Junkie

I searched for this picture when I first wrote this post a year ago. It surfaced yesterday. I decided to scan the picture and re-run the post. Shout out if you can relate to any of the following.

“Hello, my name is Barb and I am a reformed (almost) junk food junkie.” Truly. I was the child my parents took a picture of under the sign “Won’t Eat Vegetables” at the amusement park. Of course, at that time I didn’t eat anything. But, I changed. I evolved. I grew. To love potato chips, Diet Pepsi, pizza, and . . . ice cream! When I was in college, I thought the food groups were Pizza Hut, Monical’s Pizza and Domino’s. And since I lived alone, I could make one pizza last all three meals. Pretty cheap living, too.
As long as I am confessing, I will divulge that I am the only person I know who has had an apple go bad in my refrigerator. (Hint: just because you keep fruit in your refrigerator, does not mean that you are eating healthy.) For years I maintained that one day experts would disclose that potato chips and ice cream are the best foods for you. And then I would stand tall and proud because I had one-upped everyone.

But, I digress. I promised you this wouldn’t be about the right “diet.” Don’t get me wrong. They work. But, do they change us? Do they change our perspective and help us in the long run? Do they help us see food and its purpose differently? We want a healthy attitude as well as a healthy body.

Let’s review our definition for food: fuel for our bodies (God’s temple). Click here for post on defining food.

Now let’s go back to listing lies we believe.This list is not new to our generation or gender or race. These lies have been around as long as Satan has been around whispering in ears. Keep in mind that some of these lies could apply to any eating issue as well as other issues in our lives (addictions, bad habits . . .).

First, we will identify the lies. Then, we will look at how these lies affect us and if they contribute to sinful behavior. Then, we will replace the lies with truth.

  • Since I have been successful, I can have a special treat.
  • It’s good for me, so I can eat as much as I want. 
  • If I don’t eat this, it will go bad.
  • My eating habits have nothing to do with God.
  • I’ll miss out on something good.
  • Just one won’t hurt.
  • It’s a time of celebration/special occasion./It’s a party./I’m on vacation.
  • It’s too hard/too time-consuming/too expensive to eat properly.
  • I’m starting my diet tomorrow.
  • Eating this will relieve my stress.
  • This food will make me happy/give me comfort.
  • It tastes too good to waste.
  • There are people starving in Ethiopia.
  • It’s hard to restrain from eating what I really like.
  • This food will fill that “hole” that needs filled.
  • I need to eat this.
  • I’ll feel better after I’ve eaten this.
  • It’s not that bad for me.
  • If I turn it over to God, I’ll never enjoy food again/I’ll never be able to eat this again.
  • I’ve got it under control.
  • I’m in PMS.
  • I’ll eat better if I get sick.
  • I deserve it.
  • I will hurt the hosts'/hostess’ feelings if I don’t eat what he/she is serving.
  • I’m depressed.
  • It’s on sale.
  • If I eat it all now, it won’t be there to tempt me.
  • I’ll exercise it off.
  • If I don’t eat it, someone else will first.
  • Who cares what I eat?
  • Someone else is paying.
  • I need to get my money’s worth (at a buffet).
  • I’ve already ruined my diet today.
  • I was born in the wrong time period (a fuller body was in during the Renaissance Era)
(Thanks to all who contributed to this list.)

Have you ever said any of these to yourself? If so, you are not alone. And if you are wondering what is wrong with saying these to yourself read this post.

I would love to hear any thoughts related to this list of lies as well as anything else you tell yourself related to eating improperly.


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Barb W said...

Testing . . . testing.

Test said...

Will this work?

isaiah55911 said...

Thanbks for the reminder. I needed this. I feel like I am struggling in this area and need to simply surrender to God. Thanks again.

Vonda Skelton said...

I remember the first time I realized that eating food isn't necessarily better than letting it go to waste. We grew up poor and were always reminded that we were wasting money if we didn't eat all our food. So when I grew up, I found myself cleaning everybody's plate. After all, I couldn't waste the money!

Then one day it hit me--the money is already gone! Whether it's eaten or it's left on the plate, the money is gone and nothing brings it back!

Powerful truth!