Thursday, June 2, 2011

Yes It Counts

I think it’s gross to finish my daughter’s half-eaten hamburger.

And I wouldn’t steal a sip of my son’s pop—he might have cooties.

But I have been known to lick a spoon covered with cookie batter.

Or snag a tortilla chip from the open bag on the counter.

I justify these actions by telling myself it doesn’t count.

But it does. even if it’s healthy

And those nibbles and drinks add up.

What about you?
  • Do you finish your spouse’s/child’s meal?
  • Do you grab a handful of popcorn and eat it on the go?
  • Do you justify your actions by pretending it doesn’t count?
Well . . . stop it.



Vonda Skelton said...

Thanks, Barb! One of the biggest break-throughs I had regarding food was getting rid of the concept that I had to clean my plate or I was wasting money. Then one day I had a revelation--the money I had spent for the food was already gone, whether I ate it all or not! Eating it didn't bring the money back.

I also realized that buying a larger portion simply because it was cheaper per ounce wasn't a wise move when it came to eating (unless it meant I could split something). All it meant was that I spent more money and ate more calories...all in the name of getting more bang for the buck!


Barb Winters said...

Vonda! Thanks for chiming in! It is a blessing to read your thoughts.

Many of us have been taught to "clean your plate." So it goes against our nature to stop when we are full or have had enough, but that is the better choice in the long run.

Laura said...

GREAT post, Barb - it's so easy to "steal a little bite" here or there (or "test things to make sure they taste OK" while cooking) and not even think about how all those calories add up. Thanks for the reminder to be mindful of what we eat throughout the day.