Tuesday, March 15, 2011

10 Worst Ways to Lose Weight

There are times when life circumstances are so off kilter our physical bodies react involuntarily (hopefully briefly). These are the moments we wish we had a fast forward button.

While some of these can be dark times, I’ve tried to lighten the list with a bit of humor.

10 Worst Ways to Lose Weight

10 – Hectic Schedule – Did I eat lunch?

9 – Snowbound – We didn’t stock up!

8 – Food Poisoning – Holy Cramps, Batman!

7 – Pregnancy – Where’s the trash can?

6 – Bowel Cleanse – I’ll be out of the bathroom tomorrow.

5 – Sick/Injured Child – I’ll eat when my child mends.

4 – Stomach Flu – What bleak scenery.

3 – Major Surgery – Could you pump a brownie through that IV?

2 – Divorce – The thought of food makes me nauseous.

1 – Loss of a Loved One

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Kathy said...

I lost almost 20 pounds in a week, several years ago, when I became deathly ill. I couldn't keep anything down (or in me), not even just a simple sip of liquid. It was horrible, but thank God I am fine now!! But you know it really made me think about how sad it is that someone will voluntarily make themselves sick to loose weight. But then I see how everyone is expected to fall into this "normal" range and if they don't they are looked down upon. In fact my almost 13 year old daughter is dealing with this now. Her doctor wants me to take her to a child weight-loss clinic. I won't do it. I'm not saying she does not need to loose a bit of weight, but I don't think being above average is reason for such concern. I read all the papers they sent and I don't feel rearranging her entire life, and then some, is the answer. We are taking action together; by my coaching her and us talking and exercising together.

Marie said...


As a former "chubby" youngster who was later bulimic for 17 years, I applaud your decision!! I wish my mother had not harped, worried, and spent so much time trying to shame me into losing weight as a kid. You have no idea how deep those scars can run -- couching it in "concern for [her] health" does not alleviate the potential damage one bit. I know write and counsel Christian women with eating disorders, and even though ultimately we all have to answer for our own choices and actions, those seeds planted by mothers determine to a great extent how one will think and evaluate herself.

That is great that you are exercising together, and if you make healthier/lower-cal meals, it becomes a whole-family lifestyle change. This takes the focus off of her, and the pressure to lose weight lightens considerably. I wish more parents thought like you! :)

Joyce Denen said...

Well, I think I'm about to lose a few pounds....Maddie just got "diagnosed" with Candida and I have many or even more of the symptoms, so guess who has to go off wheat, sugar and dairy for 3 weeks. If you have any info on this, I would appreciate suggestions on what we CAN eat...lol

Barb Winters said...

Well I just noticed the comment I thought I posted two days ago isn't here. LOL

Kudos, Kathy. And great response, Marie! It's good to see some discussion. I'm looking forward to Marie's guest blog post. She has a wealth of information for us.

Joyce, sorry to hear about the diagnosis. I don't know much about candida. Hopefully after the three weeks you will be able to re-introduce some of those items. "They" say about 80% of what we eat should be raw fruits & vegetables. Maybe this will give you a chance to eat more in that area. ;-)