Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Made to Crave Book Review

Lysa TerKeurst wrote the book I set out to write six years ago. Seriously. I am amazed at how many topics she includes that I have covered in this blog and articles I’ve written. So I can’t help but endorse the book with two thumbs up and five gold stars.

Made to Crave follows Lysa on her journey of discovering why she ate improperly, what she chose to do about it, and how she maintains her goal weight. I especially like this book because the author is real, authentic. There are no quick fixes and she does not pretend as if it’s easy. Her goal is a lifestyle change only obtainable through a deep-rooted spiritual change. She gives practical steps balanced with cautions not to be legalistic. Lysa also draws the reader in by using humor (one of the chapters is entitled “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Before Thinking”), stories of her own failures and successes, and relating to the reader. (She told a tortilla chip story that reminded me of my “Stretch” blog post.)

Throughout the book Lysa refers to scripts she recites to herself. She states we need to replace our rationalizing scripts with Healthy Eating Go-To Scripts. For example, when we are tempted to compromise, think past the moment and ask, How will I feel about this choice tomorrow morning? A list of scripts is found in the back of the book. A list of Personal Reflection questions follows each chapter. The questions engage the reader and help apply the newfound knowledge.

My favorite quote of the book is, “You crave what you eat” (more on that in another post). My favorite story is told in the chapter “But Exercise Makes Me Want to Cry.” Lysa heard God speak to her. As she obeyed, she experienced God in a new way. “As I ran that day, I connected with God on a different level. I experienced what it meant to absolutely require God’s faith to see something through. How many times have I claimed to be a woman of faith but rarely lived a life requiring faith?” (p.90)

This book is full of truths worth pursuing and is an excellent read. God may use it to change your life.

Due to some time constraints I am facing this week, I am waiting until next week to conduct the drawing for this book. Thank you for your patience.

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Joyce Denen said...

Sounds like a practical look at getting healthier and I am going to read it for myself. Love the quote "You crave what you eat." That is so true. The more soda, sugar or bread I eat, the more my body seems to "need" it. On the other side, when I make the commitment to drink more water, after several days, I crave water. Thanks for reviewing this book. I had heard of it on KLOVE and it caught my interest, but I haven't moved on it yet.

Laura said...

Thanks for the review, Barb! I'll be adding this book to my list of "want to reads"! :-)

Barb Winters said...

Joyce, I totally agree. I used to drink Diet Pepsi every day and now I can't stand the taste.

Laura, It is a must read.

Don't purchase too quickly, though. Wait until after the drawing!

Diana said...

I started her eBook that partners with this book but haven't been faithful. I need to get my act together on it. Thanks for the review.