Tuesday, October 19, 2010


A short post today. But, hopefully, a thought-provoking one.

What motivates you to eat properly?



Something else?

Spend some time contemplating and praying about the answer. I’d love to read your thoughts. I will expand on this topic in my next post.


aevz said...

I guess that has changed over time. At first I ate well because I was kind of a fitness freak. So eating well and exercising become a chance to prove myself. Then, I kind of faced the fact that I've got Crohn's disease and so I ate well out of fear. But where I've finally landed is in the truth that to love my family well, to live my life in the abundance God has for me, I've got to eat well. It makes all the difference in energy and mood. Thanks for asking!

Laura said...

At first, I started eating healthy foods out of fear of developing some of the health issues (cardiovascular) that I've seen my father have to deal with. Then, after I lost weight, that fear switched to not wanting to gain the weight back. But, as time has gone by, I find myself more and more motivated to eat well as a form as saying "thank you" to God for providing me with a body to carry me through this life, and good fuel (i.e., healthy food) to keep it running as it should.